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As the motion picture industries we cover continue to evolve so does SHOOT. We are continually deep at work upgrading our website to provide more news, information and video for SHOOTonline visitors to better understand your industry and the trends affecting where it’s headed.

You, SHOOT’s visitors, readers, and supporters are the masters of collaboration, creativity, and innovation. That’s why the editors & publishers of SHOOT want your feedback, in order to continually improve our website giving you an edge in advancing your creative endeavors. So you’re invited – actually encouraged – to suggest ideas, recommendations, suggestions and vote on others ideas here. We love the feedback that allows us build something the motion picture community really wants and needs to better communicate and connect with each other throughout the industry. It’s a win-win. Thank you.

  1. I think you're doing a great job in many ways...

    I feel that the Publicity Wire is a fantastic innovation that elegantly addresses the idea of allowing us to upload work -- and also the challenge of what happens when the work or stories are not deemed to be worthy of official editorial consideration on a timely basis.

    I see that some sites/publications are making big pushes to be "online communities." SHOOT is that already, but without forums where conversations play out, per se. Perhaps that would be worth looking into, running past key contacts and business partners, etc. I also feel that your efforts to ensure SHOOT is appearing…

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SHOOTonline site Suggestion Box

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